Norma Ashong
Educator, Media Executive and Producer
"When someone shows you who they are, 
believe them the first time!"


Malika Assami

a.k.a. Mama Lika

“A steady drip of water wears a hole in a rock.”
Emily Bailey 
a.k.a. Auntie Em

Judy Bateman

a.k.a. Miz Jed

Retired Teacher
“We are all blessed with gifts, stories are mine and I love to share.”

Darlene Bostick

a.k.a. Camara the Storyteller

Retired Teacher
“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed.”

Jackki Boyd

a.k.a. Jackkia the Storyteller

Retired Educator/Consultant
“Stories teach, entertain and heal… with stories, every emotion you may feel… cry, laugh, dance and/or sing… yes, hearing a good story is a beautiful thing.” jb

Jocelyn Dabney

Barbara Freeman Eady

Social Worker, Co-founder of CABS, Past President of NABS
If you want to buy some cloth, go to the weaver. If you want a
hoe, ax or knife, then go to the blacksmith. But if you want to
know the history of the people, you must go to the Griots.”  
Foday Musa Suso

Gloria Ferguson

a.k.a. GG, Ma Ferg

Retired Teacher
“I love stories… I love poetry”
Lyn Ford

Beverly Fuller

“Each person who tells a story molds the story to his/her tongue and each listener molds the story to his ear. The stories don’t live otherwise” Julius Lester

Lovie-Afi Greene

Terry Greene

a.k.a. Sequoia Forest

“Do all you can, while you can, for as long as you can and thank God for the opportunity.” TJ

Dr. Mary Ann Harris

a.k.a. Story Dr.

Media Specialist
“I said, we are the stories we tell. Everybody’s got a story to tell.”

Gloria Kellon 

Vanora Legaux

Jean Luster

Oluremi Ann Oliver

Early Childhood Consultant
Poet, Visual Artist
“Stories can be magical; not because they are sometimes whimsical, sometimes fantastical. They are magical because beneath the imaginary lies a truth that re-awakens that truth in us…just like magic, we are there and we remember.

Wanda Owens

Kijiji Teller     Co-founder of CABS
Retired speech pathologist, active storyteller and story listener
Quote:  Tell me a fact and I learn, tell me a truth and I believe,
but tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.  Indian Proverb

Brenda Parker

Norma Powell

Actress, Singer, Drama Coach, Stage Manager
“Did you know that ONCE UPON A TIME…”

Gwen Rosegreen

a.k.a. Ngeri Folami

Retired Teacher
“Let a story grab you”

Edward Z. Scott

a.k.a. Baba Ed

Retired Bike Mechanic
“Inspiring self-improvement”

Theresa Ann Scott

a.k.a. Mama T

Vocalist, Puppeteer
Transformation Specialist
“Stories reaching the heart now and for eternity.”

Stephanie Stedmire-Walls

a.k.a. Sister Soul Santa

Psychiatric Counselor
School Social Worker
“Once upon a time…”

Felecia C. Tinker

a.k.a. FeFe

“Hope does not disappoint”

Bernadette Williams

a.k.a. Mz BE the jeli

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker
“I’m on a mission to change the world… one story at a time.”

 Ivory Williams

Lucy M. Williams

a.k.a. Mama Lucy

“Prayer changes things.”

Shela Perry Williams

a.k.a. Madame Sheshe Marie and Friends

Academic Advisor
“You’re Special”

Donna Willingham

Deborah A. Wright

a.k.a. The Parablist

“Evangelizing the world…dramatically”